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My child has a toothache. What can I do?

If your son or daughter is experiencing a toothache or any other dental emergency, we encourage you to contact your pediatric dentist first. It is best for your pediatric dentist to handle most dental emergencies since hospitals and emergency rooms are not equipped to repair or restore teeth. 

If your child has a toothache, it may indicate an infection in their tooth. It is crucial for your pediatric dentist to evaluate them as soon as possible since infections won't resolve without treatment.

For a broken tooth, contact your pediatric dentist as they may be able to bond the tooth back together. Even if that is a temporary fix, it will keep your child comfortable until their tooth can be restored.

If your child's tooth has been knocked out, it is essential to see your pediatric dentist immediately. If it's a primary (baby) tooth, they will determine if treatment is needed. If it's a permanent adult tooth, there is only a short window that your pediatric dentist has to save the tooth, so time is of the essence. Placing the tooth back in its socket is best to transport it if possible, or use milk to keep it moist and carry it safely to your dentist.

Even if you're unsure that your child is experiencing an actual emergency, contact your pediatric dentist for further instruction.

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